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रैखिक त्वरण
linear:    अक्रमिक अनुक्रमिक
acceleration:    तेज़ी त्वरण
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  1. The saccule detects linear accelerations and head tilts in the vertical plane.
  2. The utricle detects linear accelerations and head-tilts in the horizontal plane.
  3. So, to increase scavenging potential, the air must maintain a positive linear acceleration curve.
  4. The vestibule of the inner ear and detect linear acceleration.
  5. This bends the stereocilia, which is interpreted by the brain as vertical linear acceleration.
  6. The system can produce both linear acceleration and torque needed to perform slosh research.
  7. In vertical linear acceleration, the weighted otolithic membrane lags behind the stereocilia and kinocilium.
  8. As such, low-impulse but long-term linear acceleration has been proposed for various interplanetary missions.
  9. It does this by measuring the linear acceleration and angular velocity applied to the system.
  10. "' Accelerometers "'measure linear acceleration and tilt angle.
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