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• पोत पंक्‍ति
line:    श्रेणी डोरी पेशा
abreast:    साथ-साथ समान रूप से
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  1. The three sisters in line abreast, about apart, at a speed of.
  2. Santa Cruz began the action by arranging themselves in a line abreast.
  3. They formed lines abreast and moved down Market Street, batons at the ready.
  4. Lee's men advanced with the five regiments in line abreast.
  5. In line abreast they patrolled the approaches to C�diz.
  6. The tactical changes involved operating overlapping line abreast formations similar to the German Finger-four formation.
  7. Both ships had already turned to port from line ahead to line abreast to fire torpedoes.
  8. Forming a line abreast the ships approached " Redwing " with the intention of boarding her.
  9. Once again, the Ottomans were arranged in 3 lines abreast : Sailing ships, then galleasses, then galleys.
  10. As the LCA approached the beach they would form line abreast for the final run-in to the beach.
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