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[ 'lait'hɑ:tid ] sound:
lighthearted sentence in Hindi
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  1. Perhaps a lighthearted Pocahontas-Lion King number in Central Park.
  2. Some Republican bosses took an equally lighthearted approach to the situation.
  3. The rest of the story, however, is very lighthearted.
  4. If the premise sounds too lighthearted, it isn't.
  5. Despite the dangers, NASA tried to keep the atmosphere lighthearted.
  6. This delightful tale is full of the lighthearted spirit of Chelm.
  7. Inside the courtroom, the atmosphere veered from tense to lighthearted.
  8. On one level, the movie is lighthearted without being funny.
  9. At times, Marani takes a lighthearted approach to his creation.
  10. We integrate sacred elements of organized religion in a lighthearted way.
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  1. carefree and happy and lighthearted; "was loved for her blithe spirit"; "a merry blithesome nature"; "her lighthearted nature"; "trilling songs with a lightsome heart"
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