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  1. This was of solid construction, though even they had lightening holes.
  2. The hardtop chassis was a 3 / 4 box frame with no lightening holes.
  3. In fact, the convertible chassis was a full box frame chassis that had numerous lightening holes.
  4. These had 8, 6, and 4 ( not necessarily in that order ) lightening holes instead of 12.
  5. The Stoner 63A bipod is extensively perforated with lightening holes and can be locked in either the stowed or deployed positions.
  6. Owing to the increasing number of dangerous failures, the practice of drilling lightening holes was forbidden by the race scrutineers.
  7. Sintered iron linings are used with fin cooled drums, and the brake drum webs are lightened by drilled lightening holes which also permit the flow of cooling air.

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