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  1. But that's not related to tubal ligation ."
  2. Tubal ligation has a larger initial cost than other contraceptive methods.
  3. Other cells activated by CD28 ligation in humans are eosinophil granulocytes.
  4. It is generally used for soft-tissue approximation and ligation.
  5. The procedure, known as internal mammary ligation, was soon abandoned.
  6. She'd had two daughters, then had a tubal ligation.
  7. Government hospitals began performing tubal ligation and vasectomies for free.
  8. Tubal ligation is very safe but does carry some risks.
  9. The two main therapeutic approaches are variceal ligation or banding and sclerotherapy.
  10. This enzyme participates in benzoate degradation via coa ligation and butanoate metabolism.
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  1. (surgery) tying a duct or blood vessel with a ligature (as to prevent bleeding during surgery)

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