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  1. Add yourself in lexicographical order and please keep any comments very short.
  2. One of these admissible orders is the lexicographical order.
  3. Another possible ordering on is the lexicographical order.
  4. This variant of the lexicographical order is sometimes called " shortlex order ".
  5. Since many applications require well orders, a variant of the lexicographical orders often used.
  6. A new sort key can be created from two or more sort keys by lexicographical order.
  7. This generalized lexicographical order is a total order, if each factor set is totally ordered.
  8. Note that the list S must not be in lexicographical order as in the first version.
  9. The lexicographical order of two totally ordered sets is thus a linear extension of their product order.
  10. In general, the difference between the colexicographical order and the lexicographical order is not very significant.

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