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length:    दूरी फैलाव लंबाई
contraction:    दबाव मरोड़ा
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  1. :Looking at time dilation and length contraction seperately is misleading.
  2. The mathematics are given in the article Length contraction ."
  3. Likewise electrons heavy ions undergo measurable length contraction within the lab frame.
  4. Given this, length contraction and time dilation obtain their exact relativistic values.
  5. Consequently, also length contraction cannot be measured by co-moving observers.
  6. For more details, try our articles on length contraction and time dilation.
  7. Going hand in hand with time dilation is the phenomenon of length contraction.
  8. :: : Along with time dilation, you also have length contraction.
  9. :: : Length contraction is a real thing.
  10. Thus, lengths perpendicular to the direction of motion are unaffected by length contraction.
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