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परिदाय संग्रह
lending:    ऋण देना उधार देना
stock:    भण्डार स्टक
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  1. Housebuilders, savings-and-loan and consumer lending stocks are among those most threatened by higher borrowing costs.
  2. The Library's lending stock came to total around 46, 000 titles in Braille, Braille music, Moon type and Large Print formats.
  3. Money managers can earn extra income by lending stocks, receiving cash as collateral at a low-interest rate, then investing the difference.
  4. And lending stock can be lucrative for the brokerage firms, which charge short-sellers interest on the value of the borrowed stock.
  5. The firm said that it would, for now, concentrate on its other businesses, including securities lending, the practice of lending stock owned by institutional investors in exchange for collateral, which is then invested.

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