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[ ˌledʒ'biləti ] sound:
legibility sentence in Hindi
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  1. In particular the legibility of a medical record is dependent on 
  2. With less than that, columns add no benefit to legibility.
  3. Tally marks are typically clustered in groups of five for legibility.
  4. Will doctor's prescriptions end up models of legibility?
  5. But the problem isn't crispness; it's legibility.
  6. Further, issues of legibility and authenticity have been raised among researchers.
  7. I have improved the sourcing and legibility of this image.
  8. They are a major disruption to the legibility of code.
  9. However, adequate legibility should not be sacrificed to reduce this cost.
  10. It provides a trade-off between compactness and legibility.
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  1. distinctness that makes perception easy
  2. a quality of writing (print or handwriting) that can be easily read

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