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कानूनी सलाहकार
विधि परामर्शदाता
विधि सलाहकार
विधिक सलाहकार
legal:    चिकित्सा विधिपरक
advisor:    मंत्रणाकार
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  1. He worked as a legal advisor for BP Southern Africa 1952 1981.
  2. He was legal advisor to the export company run by Joe Walding.
  3. His agent and legal advisor Christopher Layer was hanged, drawn and quartered.
  4. For the next three years he was a legal advisor in Laubach.
  5. Dr . Block became its first president and Ceruti, its legal advisor.
  6. He was reappointed to the Assembly as one of three Legal Advisors.
  7. Dragoljub Vasiljevic, legal advisor to the Association of Serb Survivors, said Thursday.
  8. Soon later, he was appointed as Legal Advisor to President Maithripala Sirisena.
  9. To really pursue this would probably involve consultation with Foundation legal advisors.
  10. He was a Chief legal advisor, Missouri NAACP from 1958 to 1965.
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