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क्रियामूलक अधिगम
learning:    अभ्यास पांडित्य
by:    के निकट पास में बगल
doing:    काम-काज कार्य
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  1. The program is half practical-half theoretical with a learning by doing approach.
  2. Sorry I'm still too new to this community and learning by doing.
  3. The projects reflect active citizenship and " learning by doing ".
  4. Everything is hands-on in this " learning by doing " museum.
  5. At YID, education is based on " learning by doing ".
  6. Learning by doing is a maxim of the progressive school movement.
  7. There is nothing more effective than " learning by doing ."
  8. Classes are more interactive, with children learning by doing rather than by hearing.
  9. In other words, learning by doing can help in future projects.
  10. It was one of those moments you are completely and totally learning by doing.
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