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  1. The interior is coated with greyish-white leaded light window.
  2. The casement windows are built partly of stone and timber, with leaded lights.
  3. The restoration and conservation included 80 new leaded lights and 27 new metal casements.
  4. His father had however learned the use of gold leaf, singwriting and leaded lights.
  5. The upper storey is leaded lights.
  6. There are also fine leaded lights with Coats of Arms and Badges, visible best from within the room.
  7. On each side of this door, and above it, are two-light windows containing leaded lights.
  8. The leaded lights have diamond quarrels and each light is side hung on pintles fixed to the timber frame.
  9. The windows are mostly mullioned and transomed casements with leaded lights, some with the original 17th-century fastenings.
  10. All the round-headed windows are in the Classical-Wren style, with clear leaded lights of hand-made glass.

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