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  1. His one-lap track record on May 14 was.
  2. His one and four lap track records on May 12 were and.
  3. Mears'one-and four-lap track records would stand for two years.
  4. In an exhibition event, he planned to go after the one-lap track record.
  5. His first lap of 161.958 mph established the new one-lap track record.
  6. His first lap was completed at 209.687 mph, a new one-lap track record.
  7. That is, fittingly enough, the four-lap track record for normally aspirated IRL V-8 engines.
  8. Duray smashed the one-lap track record on his second lap with a speed of 123.203 mph.
  9. The ruling elevated Tony Stewart to second place, and nullified Luyendyk's standing one-lap track record.
  10. On his third lap, Woodbury's set a one-lap track record ( 121.081 mph ).
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