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• छोकरा
• बालक
• लड़का
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  1. Sounds like a good idea, laddies?
  2. Once these laddies start getting more at-bats, their numbers will return to normal.
  3. At halftime, Martin said : " Well, laddies, you are doing good.
  4. And, being an attractive and interesting American lass, she attracts the attention of just about all the laddies.
  5. Granger said the laddies have not influenced his magazine and said Esquire was " the original racy magazine ."
  6. Greg Gutfeld, editor-in-chief of Stuff, another laddies magazine, is unapologetic about the rating trend.
  7. Can't have those laddies sidelined with the sniffles . talk ) 12 : 02, 5 January 2009 ( UTC)
  8. They began as the Wills Fiddle Band in 1931 on KFJZ, then the Aladdin Laddies ( sponsored by the Aladdin Lamp Co . ).
  9. He dies when his plane crashes because of Imhotep's sandstorm-his last words being " Here I come, laddies ! "-and is later sucked into quicksand.
  10. Aw say, what gobby things laddies is noo-a-days : they think man's mice, or folks is people but aw stop a'thor jaws.
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