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  1. The department has 65 similar ladder trucks made by the same manufacturer.
  2. We need to make sure we keep that ladder truck right there,
  3. Firefighters used ladder trucks to rescue some of the residents from balconies.
  4. Among the toys are a tin Ferris wheel and 19th-century horse-drawn hook-and-ladder truck.
  5. At the same time our ladder truck got completely destroyed by the fire.
  6. A huge American flag straddled two ladder trucks, steps extended in silent salute.
  7. Two of the ladder truck companies are part-time that double as part-time ambulances.
  8. Sirens and the roar of hook-and-ladder trucks reverberated loudest through the brain of Graf.
  9. They boarded a ladder truck that had a Christmas wreath hung on the front.
  10. Call the hook-and-ladder trucks and get out of the way.


  1. a fire engine carrying ladders

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