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[ ˌlækə'deizikəl ] sound:
lackadaisical sentence in Hindi
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  1. We've gotten a little lackadaisical on the practice field.
  2. Some calls went against us and we got lackadaisical on defense.
  3. The Red Wings became a little lackadaisical after taking the lead.
  4. If lackadaisical had belts, that was seventh-degree black.
  5. They were lessons somehow lost in a lackadaisical, lifeless loss.
  6. "We're too lackadaisical, and it shows.
  7. They can seem understated, almost lackadaisical, when they start.
  8. He became a little lackadaisical, he became a little lazy.
  9. People were very slowly going down the stairs, very lackadaisical.
  10. It seemed like we were lackadaisical leading up to New England.
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  1. idle or indolent especially in a dreamy way; "she was annoyingly lackadaisical and impractical"; "a...lackadaisical, spiritless young man-about-town"- P.G.Wodehouse
  2. lacking spirit or liveliness; "a lackadaisical attempt"; "a languid mood"; "a languid wave of the hand"; "a hot languorous afternoon"
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