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लंगड़ा - लूला करना
पंगु बनाना
लुंज बनाना

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  1. She suffered lacerations and a skull facture during the attempted abortion.
  2. The acquittal and the mistrials simply poured salt on his lacerations.
  3. The most serious injuries were some deep lacerations and broken limbs.
  4. Lamanda Kelly, 24, Midwest City, critical, liver lacerations
  5. Bruises, cuts and lacerations were the next most common injury.
  6. Her body was covered with more than 30 bruises and lacerations.
  7. With the laceration, it let pressure off of the toenail.
  8. Hernandez was treated for lacerations at Massachusetts General Hospital and released.
  9. He suffered lacerations on his back, but was working Tuesday.
  10. Most of them are cuts and bruises, lots of lacerations,
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  1. the act of lacerating
  2. a torn ragged wound

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