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  1. "It's like a knuckle duster,"
  2. Some medieval gauntlets had a built-in knuckle duster.
  3. A collection of 70 knives in scabbards included one with a brass knuckle duster in the handle.
  4. For this, AFA promised to pay 500 Swedish kronor and a free " knogj�rn " ( knuckle duster ).
  5. The police seized white masks, knuckle dusters, telescopic batons, quartz-sand-gloves and illegal drugs.
  6. The episode was subject to criticism when 42 viewers complained about the amount of knuckle dusters, in reference to the Troubles.
  7. Discipline was maintained at this time in medieval fashion by use of the birch and the headmaster also carried a knuckle duster.
  8. The musician uses a kind of metal knuckle duster with which he plucks the wires producing a sound like a toy guitar ."
  9. A new Christmas special episode aired on 25 December 2007 on BBC One, in which knuckle dusters, in reference to The Troubles.
  10. CCTV showed that Grant-Murray was holding a wine bottle by the neck and Bourhane Khezihi had removed his belt to use as a knuckle duster.

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