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  1. That is the equivalent of 1, 562 modems operating at 28.8 kilobaud.
  2. Speeds up to 19.2 kilobaud was authorized on Amateur frequencies above 420 MHz.
  3. Even with a 28.8-kilobaud modem, it takes time to download all the art.
  4. Regardless of the modulation method being used, communication between mobile units and satellites is performed at 25 kilobaud.
  5. Because such a razor and blades business model requires that Money ", publisher of " Kilobaud Microcomputing"
  6. A number of desktop systems come with a 14.4-kilobaud-per-second modem, which is rapidly becoming yesterday's standard.
  7. First going by the name of " KILOBAUD ", the firm was reorganized in 1985 to reflect a favorite television show of the time " Airwolf ".
  8. More articles were published in magazines like " Kilobaud Microcomputing " that described home-brew software and hardware for the KIM-1 than for other development boards.
  9. The device has allowed cell phone and laptop users in Korea 64-kilobaud access to the Internet since July, but United States carriers have yet to set up the required frequency.
  10. Later, after 1981, the " kilobaud " denominated was dropped altogether and the magazine was now simply called " Microcomputing " with the subtitle, " a wayne green publication ".

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