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कोइपर मार्ल
marl:    पृथ्वी मिट्टी
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  1. The soil is light and the underlying geology is Keuper marl.
  2. It is a natural hill of Triassic sandstone capped by Keuper marl.
  3. The Dolomitic Conglomerate is an old shingle beach of Keuper Marl age.
  4. The junction between the Greensand and Keuper Marl forms a spring line.
  5. The wood is sited on Triassic Keuper Marl rocks.
  6. The soil is clay, gravel, and marl and the subsoil keuper marl.
  7. The site is situated on a curved ridge of land on neutral soils derived from the underlying Keuper Marl.
  8. It was in this type of environment that the Mercia Mudstone Group ( formerly Keuper Marl ) was deposited.
  9. The tunnel was blasted through Limestone, Dolimitic Conglomerate and Keuper Marl and lined with a 375mm thick concrete lining.
  10. The two groups as currently defined replace earlier terminology which referred to the Bunter Sandstone, Keuper Sandstone and Keuper Marl.
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