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  1. Approximately 200 protesters were unable to escape and remained kettled in Whitehall.
  2. Police kettled the 300 protesters, preventing them from marching to their destination, Maracan?Stadium.
  3. Police announced over loudspeaker to the kettled crowd : " Marchers, you have failed to disperse after several lawful orders.
  4. The first major demonstration occurred on 10 November, jointly organised by the kettled in Whitehall, resulting in violent confrontation with protesters.
  5. On March 15, 2011, 250 300 protesters in Montreal were kettled on St-Denis just north of Mont Royal during the Annual March Against Police Brutality.
  6. Further demonstrations were held in central London on 30 November, when police clashed with protesters and kettled them in Trafalgar Square, while other protests took place throughout the country.
  7. Another central London protest took place on 9 December, the day that the proposed reforms were passed into law, with protesters clashing with police and being kettled in Parliament Square.
  8. The police kettled those in the Square, whilst some of the protesters waved banners with slogans such as " Don't put the kettle on, Mr . Cameron " and " Thatcher ".
  9. On 14 April 2011 the high court has ruled that the Metropolitan police broke the law in the way they " kettled " protesters at the G20 demonstrations in 2009, and also criticised the use of force by officers.
  10. On March 15, 2013, at the annual police brutality march, the police kettled a group of protesters on Ste-Catherine street in Montreal after the march was declared illegal for not presenting an itinerary before the protest.
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