jounce meaning in Hindi

jounce sentence in Hindi

• झकझोरना
• झटकारना
• टकराना
• हचकना
• हिला देना
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  1. More often, campaign-trail jounce follows Granite State bounce.
  2. The dimensions of jounce are distance per fourth power of time.
  3. Unexpectedly, the bus jounces as it hits a pothole.
  4. Handling is balanced and predictable, with minimal body sway and without harshness or jounce.
  5. As the truck jounced down the driveway into the night, someone offered them congratulations.
  6. The pope is completely visible as he sits on the red bench seat and jounces along.
  7. As we jounced up the mountain to Kukes, each brush with death improved his humor.
  8. Or family outings jouncing by car past lacy walls of birches to a beloved pond or hunting ground.
  9. By the end of each such session, I began to be slightly giddy from all the jouncing.
  10. The cigarette he's about to light jounces up and down in the corner of his mouth.
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  1. a sudden jarring impact; "the door closed with a jolt"; "all the jars and jolts were smoothed out by the shock absorbers"
    synonyms:jolt, jar, shock
  1. move up and down repeatedly

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