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  1. _Airborne Express, 75 planes : Two jackscrews needing lubrication.
  2. _American Airlines, 284 planes : One jackscrew lacked lubricant.
  3. Airlines replaced jackscrew devices in the tail sections of 18 aircraft.
  4. Crash investigators later concluded the jackscrew mechanism jammed soon after takeoff.
  5. Flight 261's jackscrew was found, damaged, on Wednesday.
  6. Airlines had reported finding jackscrew problems in 22 planes by midday Sunday.
  7. The airlines said they wanted to check a component called a jackscrew.
  8. Carriers should check the jackscrew assemblies at their convenience, Boeing said.
  9. Spokespeople for Northwest and Delta Air Lines also reported residue on jackscrews.
  10. TWA, 131 planes, one with metal shavings, jackscrew replaced.


  1. screw-operated jack

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