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  1. He was also subjected to COINTELPRO's bad-jacketing technique.
  2. Intrusive and unrealistic conditions on aid are still straight-jacketing developing countries.
  3. If adhesion is not desired / necessary, jacketing tooling is used instead.
  4. The original jacketing was found to be detrimental to firearm performance over time.
  5. The jacketing almost certainly contains asbestos, and to remove that will be expensive.
  6. The Lubaloy-Palma ammunition jacketing was a breakthrough solution to this persistent dilemma.
  7. Lubaloy replaced standard bullet jacketing which had been cupro-nickel coated steel or solid cupro-nickel.
  8. In jacketing tooling, the polymer melt does not touch the inner wire until immediately before the die lips.
  9. By January, the locomotive's jacketing had been installed and painted, and its headlight was restored.
  10. This type of die is typically used to coat very thin wires with polymer jacketing that is highly viscous.

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