jack staff meaning in Hindi

jack staff sentence in Hindi

jack:    छोटी सफ़ेद गेंद
staff:    अधिकार चिह्न
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  1. A form of mutual respect existed between Jack Staff and Kapitan Kreig.
  2. Jack Staff's destined role is to keep Becky alive until she can become the champion.
  3. An elder, now retired, version of The Spider has appeared in " Jack Staff ".
  4. He was instead warped into the present day, facing off against Jack Staff again outside Tesco.
  5. In Paul Grist's comic, Jack Staff, a character called Ben Kulmer appears as " The Claw ".
  6. When she was a toddler, she was caught in the battle between Jack Staff, British army project Weapon H, and Hurricane.
  7. He was active as Jack Staff during World War II up until the 1980s when he retired after the Hurricane incident.
  8. Paul Grist's comics series " Jack Staff " acknowledges this in the real name of its character The Claw, Ben Kulmer.
  9. This incarnation of the character, while different to the version appearing in " Jack Staff ", is also named Alfred Chinard.
  10. An older, retired, more benevolent version of The Spider has appeared in UK writer / artist Paul Grist's Image comic book " Jack Staff ".
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