jack leg meaning in Hindi

jack leg sentence in Hindi

• जैक पाद
• जैक लेग
jack:    छोटी सफ़ेद गेंद
leg:    टाँग टांग पाया पैर
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  1. Itinerant jack leg preachers like Blind Willie Johnson and Washington Phillips released recordings that are now collector's items but were then only marginally popular.
  2. "You're walking on hallowed grounds and to have some jack leg quarter-horse trainer win the Derby and now on the doorstep of history, well, that isn't done ."
  3. A polemical poem attacking Cardinal Wolsey, " Speak Parrot ", by John Skelton, written c . 1521, mentions that " The gibbett of Baldock was made for Jack Leg ".
  4. In addition to wind, the hotel towers are also subject to settlement in the earth over time, so engineers built and installed custom jack legs to allow for future adjustment at more than 500 points beneath the pool system.

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