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  1. The itinerating pioneer preachers always found a welcome in the Flickinger home.
  2. Crawford itinerated widely around local villages ( 131 in 1875 alone ).
  3. Dr . Holter spent the next year itinerating for the Methodist Missions Board.
  4. He began itinerating as a lay preacher and evangelist.
  5. Depending on the survey, students rank only grave digger or itinerate worker lower.
  6. Some itinerating work was possible in the sponsorship of special missions programs on campuses.
  7. Point three of the Protest regards the itinerate ministry conducted by many New Side ministers.
  8. For the next seven or eight months the younger missionary devoted himself to this itinerating mission.
  9. Spracklin thus itinerated as a visiting speaker to local churches on the League's behalf.
  10. After nine years of doing constant itinerant preaching, from 1768 to 1773 he was too unwell to itinerate.


  1. travel from place to place, as for work; "an itinerating merchant"

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