item analysis meaning in Hindi

item analysis sentence in Hindi

• एकांश विश्लेषण
• एकांश विश्‍लेषण
• पद विश्लेषण
• मद विश्‍लेषण
item:    चीज पद मद रकम वस्तु
analysis:    विश्लेषण
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  1. To eliminate non discriminating items from the scoring key, an item analysis was initiated.
  2. The following brief description of the procedures used in item analysis is drawn from Kline ( 1986 ).
  3. However, formal psychometric analysis, called item analysis, is considered the most effective way to increase reliability.
  4. Results of a feed item analysis of Asiatic cats in the Tarim Basin revealed that their primary prey was the Agamid lizards and sand lizard.
  5. In practical test construction, item analysis is an iterative process, and it cannot be entirely automated; the psychometrician's judgement is required to determine whether the emerging set of items to be retained will constitute a satisfactory test of the target construct.

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