investment banking meaning in Hindi

investment banking sentence in Hindi

निवेश बैंकिंग
investment:    खिलत घेरा निवेश
banking:    बैंकिग महाजनी
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  1. Investment banking revenues more than doubled to $ 21 . 8 million.
  2. The company is looking for two things from the investment banking world.
  3. Ferrero will also head the executive committee of the investment banking unit.
  4. The Dresdner offer revived takeover speculation in British investment banking shares.
  5. The management of public debt requires a specialised investment banking capability.
  6. In 2006 the company entered Private Equity and Investment Banking business.
  7. The average percentage of female investment banking trainees is 21 percent.
  8. Investment banking kicked in 70 percent of the profits last year.
  9. Pacific Growth does not have an investment banking relationship with Seagate.
  10. These acquisitions formed the basis for a global investment banking business.
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