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निवेशकर्ता बैंकर
investment:    खिलत घेरा निवेश
banker:    महाजन सर्राफ़
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  1. They used to be more skeptical and less trusting of investment bankers.
  2. They are to the 1990s what investment bankers were to the 80s.
  3. Investment bankers and stock analysts hurried Wednesday to put out their positions.
  4. When you constantly have New York investment bankers beating down your doorstep,
  5. Or how about a company whose investment banker served a prison term?
  6. The investment bankers are all running around trying to find matches,
  7. Investment bankers depend on annual bonuses for most of their income.
  8. Some investment bankers doubt the good times can last much longer.
  9. It was almost an annuity for many of these investment bankers,
  10. Some economists and investment bankers say more needs to be done.
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  1. a banker who deals chiefly in underwriting new securities

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