investment analysis meaning in Hindi

investment analysis sentence in Hindi

निवेश विश्लेषण
investment:    खिलत घेरा निवेश
analysis:    विश्लेषण
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  1. OSCAR can also be used for line analysis and investment analysis.
  2. The core curriculum is thus focused on Managerial finance, corporate finance and investment analysis.
  3. Financial and investment analysis is one of our major work.
  4. When pressed for quantifiable results, Gers replies : " We don't do a return-on-investment analysis.
  5. Financial and Investment Analysis, BUSINESS DAILY
  6. Pax World integrates Environmental Social and Corporate Governance ( ESG ) factors into investment analysis and portfolio construction.
  7. FTSE s products are used by market participants worldwide for investment analysis, performance measurement, asset allocation and hedging.
  8. In investment analysis, "'betavexity "'is a form of options but is specific to portfolios replicating indices of shorter maturities.
  9. "We'll also be applying conventional investment analysis, " he said, which means considering earnings growth, balance sheets and goodwill.
  10. He won the Thomson Extel Award for Best Sector Sell-side Analyst for Integrated Socially Responsible Investment Analysis in 2003
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