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  1. "Statistics " is the study of the collection, organization, and interpretation of data.
  2. And subjective interpretation of data simply comes with the territory.
  3. This former institute's main focus was observation, and interpretation of data of tropospheric processes.
  4. Apotex has said it simply disagrees with Olivieri's interpretation of data on the drug's results.
  5. Though time-consuming, this method does not require any specific model for the interpretation of data.
  6. However, interpretation of data is complicated by two factors.
  7. Pain, like color is an interpretation of data.
  8. Dissenting interpretations of data are malicious and dangerous.
  9. The organisation has been criticised for reliance on invalid interpretations of data to back its claims.
  10. "' Crowd analysis "'involves the interpretation of data gained studying the natural movement of groups or objects.

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