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अंतराष्ट्रीय पूंजी बाजार
international:    अंतर्राष्ट्रीय
capital:    पूँजी संपत्ति
capital market:    पूँजी-बाजार पूंजी
market:    आपण तिजारत बाज़ार
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  1. Q : Will Argentina be banned from international capital markets for years?
  2. Gazprom needs the ADR sale to return to the international capital markets.
  3. It obtains around ?80 billion annually on the international capital markets.
  4. NIB acquires the funds for its lending by borrowing on international capital markets.
  5. There is nothing to stop ( Indian ) access to international capital markets,
  6. Consequently, Amsterdam lost its position in the international capital market forever to London.
  7. The issue will mark a return of Thailand to the international capital market.
  8. "Another objective is to test Thailand's potential to re-access the international capital markets.
  9. Stabilizing the current account helped restore creditworthiness on international capital markets.
  10. Since then, Mexican firms have gradually returned to international capital markets.
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