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  1. The septum is sometimes called the intermuscular septum of Otto.
  2. They occur in the intermuscular fascial planes or deep-seated areas.
  3. First, cuts from the shoulder contain quite a lot of intermuscular fat.
  4. Grass-fed beef has less intermuscular fat than grain-fed beef.
  5. Mortimer maintained the ulnar bumps are most likely part of an intermuscular line.
  6. Marbling : The appearance of intermuscular fat in beef _ not the outer fat.
  7. It also takes origin from the adjacent intermuscular septa and from the antebrachial fascia.
  8. This particularly involves improving intra-and intermuscular coordination or synchronization of participating muscles.
  9. It is separated from the lateral intermuscular septum.
  10. "It's about problem-solving, intermuscular coordination, teamwork and trust.

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