interject meaning in Hindi

interject sentence in Hindi
• बीच में राय देना
• टोकना
• प्रवेश कराना
• बीच में डालना
• बीच में बोलना
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  1. We prefer that the president not interject himself in this dispute,
  2. Stewart interjects as Schiff covered her face to smother the grin.
  3. Rarely, Jon Fishman interjects with humorous asides during the narration.
  4. Godfrey is asleep whilst Walker and Pike interject with silly questions.
  5. Harold interjects with a song of love, directed at Edith.
  6. Dandy interjects that they shouldn't have secrets between them.
  7. Jimmy starts, but Paul interjects that it should be him.
  8. If no one in between interjects, each generation has trouble improving.
  9. When a tune ended, Mabern would interject a Miles Davis anecdote.
  10. Dole has tried repeatedly to interject defense issues into the presidential campaign.
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  1. to insert between other elements; "She interjected clever remarks"
    synonyms:, , , ,

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