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प्रोद्भूत ब्याज
interest:    रुचि अनुराग लाभ
accrued:    उपचित उपार्जित
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  1. Interest accrues monthly and is paid when the holder cashes the bond.
  2. However, the word does not indicate that interest accrues during the withdrawal year.
  3. Interest accrues on your purchase from the day you sign the credit card receipt.
  4. Interest accrues during the time the student is in school.
  5. Thirty year bonds so far have returned 0.7 percent-- counting interest accrued plus price changes.
  6. This amount includes interest accrued during the period the money was held in the bank,
  7. That judgment stands at $ 274, 550.86, with interest accruing at 12 percent per year.
  8. But, the parties disagreed whether interest accrued during 1981, the year in which Schlitz withdrew.
  9. Under the agreements, Multigroup got an 18 percent discount from the interest accrued on the principal.
  10. Even if the ultimate intention is to settle, no interest accrues until the date of judgment.
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