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• समाकलित व्यक्तित्व
• समाकलित व्यक्‍तित्व
integrated:    अविभाज्य एकीकृत
personality:    विशेषता व्यक्ति
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  1. Without someone to give satisfactory instinctual gratifications, the infant cannot find his body, nor can he develop an integrated personality.
  2. For an introverted-integrated personality type, who likes to function on multiple levels, she suggests sports with complex circular movements, like golf.
  3. "Assumpta Convent strives hard to give the best to its students, its goal is to develop the whole child into a well integrated personality.
  4. But Kyodo News agency reported that the test results, which also contained his family background, said the boy showed signs of having an " incompletely integrated personality ."
  5. To help students to discover and tap their fullest potential through appropriate co-and extra-curricular activities leading to integrated personality-development in order to become responsible and productive citizens of the country.
  6. Increasingly, individuals are " therapied "-that is, by means of " nano-therapy ", they are turned into well-integrated personalities capable of productive work and constructive social interaction which does not threaten the social order.
  7. Will for Rank, as defined by Taft,  & is the integrated personality as original creative force, that which acts, not merely reacts, upon the environment .  Rank emphasized conscious will to explain human behavior.
  8. Kairosis is the feeling of integration experienced by the reader of the novel or epic form; it is experienced by the reader as the central protagonist's character and characterisation faces crisis and resolves itself into an explored and integrated personality.
  9. "' Aim "'- The aim of this institution is to mould the child into an integrated personality by providing adequate facilities, opportunities and a healthy atmosphere for the proper mental, emotional and physical development of the children entrusted to its care.
  10. In " Ocean Dream, " which has a libretto by Nancy Rhodes ( who also directed the three works and is artistic director of the Encompass company ), a young woman at the beach discovers her inner child and becomes a more integrated personality.
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