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• एकीकृत प्रकाशिकी
integrated:    अविभाज्य एकीकृत
optics:    प्रकाशिकी दर्शन
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  1. There are additional numerous applications for the DPH in integrated optics.
  2. Invention of the coupler contributed to the initiation of a field of study known as integrated optics.
  3. There are still many materials, fabrication, and packaging challenges in integrating optic and electronic technologies.
  4. Krauss has works in the field of integrated optics since 1987, when he spent one year at IBM Yorktown Heights.
  5. Its technological capacities have been updated : an integrated optic fiber infrastructure make web streaming possible anywhere in the venue, without undermining sound or image quality.
  6. Additionally, computer engineers have taken an interest in integrated optics, machine vision, and photonic computing as possible components of the " next generation " of computers.
  7. This led to pioneering work in photonic bandgap lasers, silicon photonic circuits, as well as tunable microfluidic dye lasers, and resulted in new classes of integrated optics.
  8. Luna Technologies is a division of Luna Innovations specializing in Luna-branded products for fiber optic testing of components, modules and networks, as well as integrated optics and distributed sensing solutions.
  9.  Extrusion Of Fused Silica Cladding Tubes For Making MCVD Optical Fibers, Third International Conference On Integrated Optics and Optical Fiber Communications, Technical Digest, San Francisco, Calif ., April 1981.
  10. He is the author of over 230 publications in the fields of space and planetary exploration, Earth observation from space, active microwave remote sensing, electromagnetic theory and integrated optics, and he holds several patents in those fields.
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