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• एकीकृत प्रकाशीय युक्ति
integrated:    अविभाज्य एकीकृत
optical:    चाक्षुष चाक्षुष
device:    साधन उपकरण जंतर
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  1. Silicon photonics uses these same electronic manufacturing technologies to make low cost integrated optical devices.
  2. More recently, Professor Scherer s group developed electromagnetic design tools and fabrication techniques for the definition of lithographically integrated optical devices.
  3. Though, the losses are high for such slot structures, this scheme exploiting the asymmetric slots may have potential to design very compact optical directional couplers and polarization beam splitters for on-chip integrated optical devices.
  4. In 1995, he was elected Fellow of the Optical Society of America " for distinguished service to optics education and for his contribution to the understanding of propagation characteristics of gradient index media, fibers and integrated optical devices ".
  5. He then turned to the applications of holograms to optical systems, developing with some of his colleagues the basic theory of thick holograms that led to the development of a whole range of optical components, including filters and couplers to integrated optical devices.

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