integrated marketing meaning in Hindi

integrated marketing sentence in Hindi

• एकीकृत विपणन
integrated:    अविभाज्य एकीकृत
marketing:    खपत तिजारत बिक्री
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  1. On the surface, integrated marketing communications appear to be simple common sense.
  2. McLuckey said eight integrated marketing teams have been formed from both businesses.
  3. IMC, Integrated Marketing & Communication, a subsidiary of IFP, publishes the magazine.
  4. Secaucus, New Jersey : Integrated Marketing & Communications Inc . sponsors Kosherfest.
  5. Primary areas of specialization include Management Development, Integrated Marketing, and Strategic Planning.
  6. People that would build a multi-elemented, fully integrated marketing program around the NHL.
  7. We were able to use integrated marketing data on a Zip code basis,
  8. Insight Communications Limited operates as a fully integrated marketing communications agency.
  9. Integrated Marketing Communications : http : / / www . koshertodayonline . com/
  10. A new league must have an integrated marketing and advertising strategy and campaign.
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