integrated market meaning in Hindi

integrated market sentence in Hindi

• एकीकृत बाजार
integrated:    अविभाज्य एकीकृत
market:    आपण तिजारत बाज़ार
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  1. Its launch next January will establish an integrated market of over 300 million consumers.
  2. This transaction also gives us the opportunity to integrate one of our largest non-vertically integrated markets.
  3. This network has not only integrated markets but also people across the length and breadth of this huge country.
  4. -- It creates bigger, more integrated markets across Europe, which will add to efficiency and stimulate growth.
  5. It seeks to build order around institutionalized political relations among integrated market democracies, supported by an opening of economies.
  6. The Colombian Stock Exchange through the Latin American Integrated Market ( MILA ) offers a regional market to trade equities.
  7. Actually, in the long run everybody benefits from a globally integrated market when there is diversity of demand and production.
  8. "There is no economic force preventing most internationally integrated market economies from raising taxes, " sayeth he.
  9. Back then, Congress charged the Securities and Exchange Commission with overseeing the creation of integrated markets for both stocks and bonds.
  10. He also will be remembered as the man who led others to view the energy business as one integrated market and not individual fiefdoms.
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