insurance account meaning in Hindi

insurance account sentence in Hindi

बीमा लेखा
insurance:    बीमा रक्षा
account:    विवरण कारण
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  1. Homeowners insurance accounts for 40 to 60 percent of Bagg's business.
  2. Today, insurance accounts for just 20 percent of Citigroup's profits overall.
  3. Premium income from general insurance accounts for 57 percent of Commercial Union's premiums.
  4. Property / casualty insurance accounts for 33 percent and health insurance for 22 percent.
  5. The money was destined for investment-grade insurance accounts on the Isle of Man and elsewhere.
  6. Together, they manage about $ 8 billion in five funds plus individual and insurance accounts.
  7. Sales of crop insurance account for about 40 percent of the Acceptance's 1995 revenue of $ 297.8 million.
  8. $819 monthly from Social Security Investments : $ 15, 000 rollover IRA, life insurance account earning 4.9 percent
  9. Amy Samplatsky, a 30-year-old insurance account manager from Granby, Conn ., said she no longer felt Gore should concede.
  10. Home buyers may be able to set up their own tax and insurance account, keeping the interest it produces.
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