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• संस्थागत उपचार
institutional:    सांस्थानिक
treatment:    इलाज उपचार चाल
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  1. Similar treatment though has often been meted out as part of Taiwan's institutional treatment of strays.
  2. Secondly, the Netherlands has seen an upsurge in financial investments in institutional treatment directed towards youth.
  3. And many of the children, physically and mentally damaged by rough institutional treatment, do not meet many couples'ideals of an adoptable child.
  4. In 1981, he started Cokenders Alcohol and Drug program, closing the hotel for one week a month to hold this pioneering, non-institutional treatment program.
  5. As per the directions of the Hon ble Orissa High Court under letter No . 2348 ( 14 ), dt . 10.03.2000, the Committee visits the jails of the district to review the basic minimum standards of health, hygiene and institutional treatment for the prisoners in the jail

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