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  1. Seventeen " Mirna " inshore patrol boats and thirteen older"
  2. On 5 May, she transited the canal and joined the Pacific Section, Inshore Patrol.
  3. In December 1940 she was assigned to the Inshore Patrol Station, Panama Canal Zone.
  4. "' CGS Shobuj Bangla "'is a inshore patrol vessel of the Bangladesh Coast Guard.
  5. The last four vessels functioned as inshore patrol vessels for the Naval Volunteer Reserve.
  6. Based at Little Creek, Virginia, she served directly under the Commander, Inshore Patrol, 5th Naval District.
  7. This was further divided in 1920 when former second class ships were designated Inshore Patrol Cutters.
  8. When the new offshore and inshore patrol vessels enter service they will replace the Warrior-class vessels.
  9. The squadron's aircraft did not have wireless telegraphy radio set so were restricted to inshore patrols.
  10. These included convoy attack and screening tactics, inshore patrol, and a large-scale, joint Army-Navy special forces exercise.
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