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  1. Gooseberry Cove was first settled by inshore fishing families sometime around 1832.
  2. The Brunei Malays do inshore fishing but most are now in business.
  3. Fort Morgan is also world renowned for redfish and inshore fishing.
  4. Although barren, the dune zone allowed limited sheep farming and some inshore fishing.
  5. His best seller is the 7.2m inshore fishing boat which costs RM20, 000.
  6. Canada's largest inshore fishing vessel harbour is home to the local fishing fleet.
  7. Original settlers thrived on trade with the French and a vigorous inshore fishing industry.
  8. It has one of the most important inshore fishing ports the province and even Europe.
  9. His best seller is the 7 . 2m inshore fishing boat which costs RM20, 000.
  10. The Hall of Inshore Fisheries includes inshore fishing boats that were used along the Atlantic Coast.
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