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inflect sentence in Hindi
• शब्दरूप बदलना
• सुर बदलना
• शब्दरूप बदलना
• झुकाना
• मोड़ना
• मोड़ना
• सुर बदलना
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  1. Any dramatic reader inflects, accents, varies pitch and volume.
  2. The five demonstrative determiners / pronouns inflect somewhat irregularly as well.
  3. Goldberg barely manages to find a different way to inflect her voice.
  4. They also inflect for definiteness, like in many other Germanic languages.
  5. It also inflects the sorrow of the story with humour.
  6. Pronouns also inflect for nominative, accusative, referent and locative cases.
  7. Nouns and adjectives generally inflect by number ( singular and plural ).
  8. The third-person pronouns inflect similar to adjectives, but irregularly.
  9. Finally, the pronominal prefixes inflect for person, number and gender.
  10. Depending on gender, otherwise similar nouns will inflect differently.
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  1. vary the pitch of one''s speech
  2. change the form of a word in accordance as required by the grammatical rules of the language

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