infirmaries meaning in Hindi

infirmaries sentence in Hindi
• अवसन्नता
• अशक्ति
• अस्पताल
• दुर्बलता
• शफाखाना
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  1. We went to the infirmary, and there was no heat.
  2. Eventually the confused drama within the infirmary becomes gripping, too.
  3. Natalie was taken to the infield infirmary, treated and released.
  4. Scheckter is no stranger to the nurses at the track infirmary.
  5. Bainbridge died within two hours of admission to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.
  6. She was taken to Lancaster Royal Infirmary, where she died.
  7. It served as staff house, infirmary and kitchen for supplies.
  8. By 1897 a small one-room infirmary hospital was built.
  9. The campus infirmary is named after his wife, Isabella McCosh.
  10. He became Pathologist and Consulting Physician at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.
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