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  1. Infarct area shown as hypoechoic and avascular upper segment of R testis.
  2. Lacunar infarcts are a result of atherosclerosis ( microthrombi ) and lipohyalinosis.
  3. Differentiating an enchondroma from a bone infarct on plain film may be difficult.
  4. Generally, an enchondroma commonly causes endosteal scalloping while an infarct will not.
  5. These varying infarcts will produce different symptoms and outcomes.
  6. Complications can include cerebral infarcts, and cognitive deterioration.
  7. A sharp drop in blood pressure is the most frequent cause of watershed infarcts.
  8. The subendocardial infarct is clearly seen.
  9. Using this hypothesis, microemboli are viewed as the cause of the infarct rather than secondary events.
  10. However, the common macroscopic infarct is not exhibited in 45 % of people tested for microinfarcts.
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  1. localized necrosis resulting from obstruction of the blood supply

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