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  1. As the water droplet is very conductive the induced charges will reside on the surface.
  2. The charge is held in the top of the electroscope terminal by the attraction of the inducing charge.
  3. The quantity of induced charges in the electrodes are thus reduced, resulting in a flow of electrons.
  4. The induced charge is distributed over several electrodes for the large distance in a multi-segmented detector.
  5. The total magnitude of the polarization is increased and the amount of induced charges in the electrodes are increased.
  6. However, surface charge is but one component of surface energy, and other components are certainly perturbed by induced charge.
  7. The field of the induced charges exactly cancels the field from " C " throughout the interior of the metal.
  8. Transient, randomly induced charges exist across non-polar covalent bonds of molecules and electrostatic interactions caused by them are referred to as Van der Waals forces.
  9. If a problem in electrostatics is solved by using the method of image charges, the induced charge on the conductor is always equal to the image charge.
  10. For the closer distance an increase and decrease of induced charges of the electrodes continue until the primary charge finally reaches to its destination electrodes and neutralizes the image.

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