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  1. Although US forces conduct random searches, there is no individual weapons search.
  2. Individual weapons and outfits have all been changed to only provide aesthetic changes.
  3. Each Ranger also carries an individual weapon, the Crimson Blaster and Navy Antler.
  4. Other training included warrior task battle drill and individual weapons qualifications.
  5. They found 647 bodies and captured seven prisoners, 65 crew-served and 94 individual weapons.
  6. Such markings are unique to each individual weapon, he said.
  7. This army depended mainly on individual weapons and were no match to the French artillery.
  8. They were unarmed except for the crew's individual weapons.
  9. The Royal Moroccan Army employs various individual weapons to provide light firepower at short ranges.
  10. Heavy cells comprised 12 men, armed with a heavy machine gun and the individual weapons.

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